How to Use Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs are timeless tools to enhance your sexuality and awaken the inner divine femininity in you. These are basically semi-precious stones which are shaped in the pattern of egg to wear inside the vagina. Yoni eggs are great for vaginal and bladder tightening and also work to maintain overall wellness of the wearer. Are you too looking forward to wear the yoni egg? Well, that’s amazing and here is a brief on how to wear the stone.

Prepare the egg

Preparation of yoni eggs involves a 3-fold process- cleansing, charging and bonding.


First, you will have to clear the stone to clear it off lingering negative vibes that are still attached to it. You can’t tuck it inside your vagina just like that. If you don’t cleanse it properly, the negative energy attached to the stone will be transferred to your body.

So, how to cleanse the yoni egg?

The most common way here is to clear the egg by burning sage. You have to smudge the stone with burnt sage extensively and the cleansing cloud should be allowed to encompass both the stone and ambient area.

Charge it up

Next, you will have to charge the stone. The best way to chare it up is by laying it under moon or sun light. Keep it there for 2-3 hours.

Bond with yoni egg

After the stone is all charged up, the next step is bond with the stone. Your bonding with the stone will help it to perform for you at its full potential. It’s a very simple process. You have to take it on your palms or you can also place it on your bare navel. Then, concentrate and utter your goals or intentions that you wish to accomplish with the stone. You don’t have to speak out. You can simply say them out loud in head. Keep on uttering till you feel everything is set.

Insert the egg

After you are done with the preparation, you will proceed to insert the stone. There is nothing scary here. You will insert the egg the way you insert a tampon. As the stone comes in the shape of an egg, you will find a pointed tip. Insert with the pointed part first and gradually the stone will make its way into the vaginal canal. Some of these stones even come with a hole where you can tie up a string for convenient retrieval.  If you want to do vaginal weightlifting, you can even tie up a weight with the string.

There is nothing to freak out. The stone will never get stuck inside. It will only reach up to cervix and you can easily pull it out whenever you wish to.

Various ways to use Yoni eggs


The most popular way to use Yoni eggs is for Kegel exercises.  These exercises are great for strengthening the vaginal muscles and bladder. It’s a very simple process. You will have to insert the stone in your vaginal canal and then clench and release the pelvic floor muscles.

Meditate with yoni eggs

Are you into meditation? That’s great.  And if you wish to power up your meditation sessions further, the yoni eggs will be just the thing for you. You can insert it inside your vagina while you meditate. Otherwise, you can hold it over your palms or keep it on womb. The moot point is the stone has to be in touch with your body. When you meditate in close connection with the stone, the positive healing energies from the stone will be transferred to your body.

Last but not the least, you can also perform breathing exercises with yoni eggs to boost your sexual energy.