Spreading awareness about BDSM has always been one of our goals. It is coming from the fact that despite the loving and caring aspect of BDSM, many people still misinterpret what it truly is. As a result, abuse and violence are terms commonly associated with BDSM. We have a strong stand against this because it is not what BDSM that we know, and certainly not the BDSM that people deserve.

We produce articles that talk about the beauty of BDSM. We also showcase how BDSM allows love, care, and how it strengthens communications within a relationship. Our blog has increased its followers over the years, and it made it a great platform to voice our stand against abuse and violence. We also publish articles that spread awareness, provide guides on what BDSM must be, and always reiterate the importance of consensual sex.

Mosharrafzaidi.com is built by the BDSM community for the BDSM community, so we are always happy to feature your articles on our website. If you have articles that you think can contribute to reaching our goals, then please send us a message! We are excited to read all your messages and pick one article to be featured! Perks and prizes await those who will be chosen!